Agenda Invest is an institutional investment office. Agenda's experience spans globally across all investment strategies and our expertise is in anticipating the coming market cycle to provide the best investment solutions for sustainable capital growth. Our clients range from successful families through to global institutions and we oversee above US$1bn in AUA.

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To invest diligently is to understand that capital is power: the power to improve lives.

Investing diligently and correctly is critical. Central to this is simultaneously preserving existing capital away from risks of ultimate loss, while exposing this same capital to the highest available premiums across the broadest universe possible. This is our core philosophy and we implement custom solutions based on it specific to each of our clients. We earn our clients’ trust by being open and transparent at every step we take with them.

Successful innovation is key to outperformance in all businesses, and key to outperformance in investing.

Innovation means continuous improvement of all aspects of the investment approach to advance well beyond what is standard in the industry. Fully automating entire processes enables efficient and fast processing of trades, reconciliations, modelling and reporting. We have built and continuously improve our core technology system to do this for our processes, which in turn enables our investment team to concentrate on our forward-looking investment strategy. Our investment strategy itself is central to how we innovate. We use the state-of-the-art quantitative framework of Expected Drawdown Management to provide strict discipline to constructing portfolios. This recently developed approach carefully controls the potential of overall future portfolio losses to levels that are pre-defined and comfortable for each of our clients. We use a unique mathematical approach to formalise expected co-drawdowns between investment risks and therefore manage the portfolio’s risk of loss continuously.

Human nature creates investment fads, investment fads create major price movements, major price movements create investment opportunities.

Human nature is here to stay, and the history of investment fads is long, such as the price of real estate in 2007, the price of internet stocks in 2000 or even the price of a tulip in 1637. The investment managers at Agenda have used our long experience to fully understand our individual biases and behavior which in turn enables us to understand the market’s psychology. We follow a strict investment process that assesses where we are now and what will happen in the future of the markets. As human nature in investing is driven by short-term rewards and recent past, so conversely our process is driven by perceptive forward-looking investment views over the next cycle of five to eight years.

Finance has a legacy of many artificial boundaries: between equities and credit, treasuries and currencies, alternatives and traditional, and others.

We have no boundaries in our investment approach. Every investment opportunity is compared with every other opportunity, whether it is shorting a bond, buying an emerging market equity position or initiating a momentum trading strategy buying and selling commodities. We place every investment in directly comparable terms so we know which is better than which. Our approach might be described as non-correlated multi-asset, but we see it as simply determining the best subset of investment opportunities no matter how it is classified, and constructing the portfolio that best grows our clients’ capital for the long term given our future views on the coming market cycle.





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